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Phase one of the FX3® Challenge is FX3 Faith. This four-week first phase is considered a spiritual and mental boot camp. It’s an immersive approach designed to help you discover what it means to be a man according to biblical truth. You can purchase either the Print Edition or Digital Edition version. Both the printed and digital study guides are interactive and full of informational stories, supporting scripture and serve as a journal.

A requirement to participate in the program is fulfillment in a small group setting. The program’s effectiveness requires both an individual commitment and weekly group sessions. Individuals complete the daily directives throughout the week and then gather in groups of 2-6 men led by a facilitator/leader (Leader Edition). Weekly sessions include a debrief discussion from the previous week’s assignments. The men spend time reviewing and discussing the topic and exploring questions. The session closes with a brief introduction to the following session and an assignment overview. Sessions are scheduled once per week for about 90 minutes.


Based on the book Faith Fire Fury, the FX3® Challenge is a three-phase transformational program (FX3 Faith, FX3 Fire, and FX3 Fury) and brotherhood developed for men ready to move from complacency to conquering alongside other brothers and the honor of becoming an FX3 Warrior. This transformational process all begins with FX3 FaithDispel the Lies and Rely on God’s Word for Direction. During the weeks, you will:

  • Discover what Scripture says about being a man.
  • Learn how to faithfully and consistently grow spiritually.
  • Gain strength, wisdom, and encouragement from a brotherhood.
  • Transform your marriage, family, personal and professional relationships.


After completing FX3 Faith, graduates then move onto FX3 Fire followed by FX3. Fury. Ultimately, the FX3 Challenge will help you become the warrior, the man God wants you to be: living a radically fulfilling and successful life.

Course Content

Session 1: Who is _______?
Session 2: The Enemy
SESSION 3: The Battles
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