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In life, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Unfortunately, we think we can have it all with little to no work. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Lasting change and transformation takes deliberate effort. The FX3® Challenge is for men ready to move from complacency to commitment alongside other brothers and the honor of being an FX3 Warrior. Considering manhood is under attack, we need warriors. Warriors that pursue and promote authentic manhood and the good it provides to all. Becoming an FX3 Warrior requires a shift in mindset and lifestyle. The FX3 Challenge is a 12-week, highly interactive program consisting of three distinct phases or modules. The three phases are FX3 Faith, FX3 Fire, and FX3 Fury. FX3 Faith is a four-week, “boot camp” designed to break down existing barriers and pre-conceived notions on what it means to be a man and replace them with biblical truth.You also unpack what this spiritual battle is about and who’s involved. After completing FX3 Faith, you then move onto FX3 Fire. FX3 Fire is a three-week, study to learn about your true identity in Christ and your purpose in life. You’ll also identify how to rely on the Spirit for strength and direction. The last and final phase is FX3 Fury. FX3 Fury, you learn practical ways on what it takes to live victoriously in the spiritual war. Similar to FX3 Faith and FX3 Fire, FX3 Fury is also a four-week study. However, during Fury, you work alongside other brothers in training to apply what you learn together to live as an FX3 Warrior. The goal: men boldly and bravely following Christ, loving sacrificially, and showing others how to do the same.

How it works - 3 Steps

1. Take the FX3 Challenge

The FX3® Challenge is an immersive 12-Week program designed to help you discover what it means to be a man according to biblical truth. **Ideally you should complete the Challenge with at least one other brother as this is how the study is most effective.

Each phase is three to four weeks in length and sessions are conducted in-person. Also, every phase has a corresponding study guide for the Faith Fire Fury book. Study guides are full of informational stories, supporting scripture, and serves as a journal.

Because each session builds upon the previous one, we highly encourage consistent participation and a commitment for the twelve weeks. Also, for each participant to get the most from each session, everyone should come prepared and ready to discuss the topic. Although the topics and materials are unpacked in a group setting, this is also an individual journey and an essential first step to becoming an FX3 Warrior.

Three Phases / 12 Weeks

Commit to gathering or regrouping with others once a week in person for about one hour. During these sessions, participants unpack the reading and weekly study. Participants also dive deeper, discussing the topic and exploring questions one-on-one.

For Small Groups:
We highly encourage small groups of 4-6 participants. Larger groups should break off into smaller groups, with everyone coming together after discussions to share key takeaways, insights, pray together, and review the following week’s assignment.

Below is a breakdown and description of each phase:

Phase 1 - Faith (4 Weeks)

Based on the book Faith Fire Fury, the FX3® Challenge is a three-phase transformational program (FX3 Faith, FX3 Fire, and FX3 Fury) and brotherhood developed for men ready to move from complacency to conquering alongside other brothers and the honor of becoming an FX3 Warrior. This mission all starts with FX3 Faith. Start this journey today and:
  • Discover what Scripture says about being a man.
  • Learn about the battles most men face and how to overcome them.
  • Learn how to faithfully and consistently follow Christ and grow spiritually.
  • Discover how to positively transform your marriage, family, and personal and professional relationships.

PHASE 2 - FIRE (3 Weeks)

After completing the FX3 Faith, graduates move to phase two of the FX3 Challenge, FX3 Fire. FX3 Fire helps men discover their true identity in Christ and your purpose in life. Men unpack what it means to live with a new name, a new identity, and according to a new mission. Continue your personal and spiritual growth with this journey and:

  • Discover and describe your identity in Christ.
  • Understand how to live according to your true identity.
  • Identify how to rely on the Spirit to live victoriously.
  • Ignite your spiritual life and influence those around you.

PHASE 3 - FURY (4 Weeks)

The last and final phase for becoming an FX3 Warrior is FX3 Fury. During this phase  you continue to unpack and apply what it means to be a part of the brotherhood and how to live as an FX3 Warrior. The result: men boldly and bravely following Christ, living sacrificially, and showing others how to do the same. After completing your personal and spiritual journey, you will :

  • Learn what the spiritual armor is and how to use it.
  • Unpack and live according to the FX3 Warrior Way.
  • Discover the strength and power that comes from the brotherhood.
  • Learn how to apply Faith, Fire, and Fury to live a victorious & fulfilling life!

2. Join a Small Group or start an FX3 Small Group

When you complete the FX3 Challenge, you join other distinguished men and the honor of serving together as FX3 Warriors. As part of this commitment, every man agrees to join an FX3 Small Group or Small Group and abide by the three tenets. Men recognize that a life for Christ is a lifelong mission and commitment to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and disciplines to live victoriously according to biblical truth.

However, besides learning, studying, and leading each other, men work beyond group meetings and volunteer in their local church, organize and volunteer to help local organizations, and serve their communities. These group meetings and outreaches aim to equip every man with the tools and knowledge to boldly and bravely follow Christ, loving sacrificially and showing others how to do the same.

3. Serve in your church or ministry

Every FX3 Warrior exemplifies servant leadership. As such, FX3 Warriors volunteer to serve their respective churches or in an area of ministry. Serving can take many forms, such as volunteering to lead groups, food drives, visitations, prayer, and more.

We strongly believe in the integral role of men in the church and the need to model Biblical manhood. For this reason, we work with churches and communities to strengthen the presence of these committed men. As godly men, we follow Jesus’ example to model selflessness, courage, strength, and love to serve others.


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