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After completing the FX3 Faith, graduates move to phase two of the FX3 Challenge, FX3 Fire. FX3 Fire helps men discover their true identity in Christ and the battles that we face. Men unpack what it means to live with a new name, a new identity, and according to a new mission. In addition, men also learn how to live according to their true purpose. Whether we know it or not, we are in a spiritual war, and during this phase, we explore the details of this war. This study also includes understanding our role in this war and the battles waged against us.

This 21-session module consists of a comprehensive study guide and group participation sessions via online or in person. The study guide is full of informational stories, supporting scripture, and serves as a journal. Once again, you can complete the sessions both independently and in a group of 2-6 men.

After completing FX3 Fire, graduates move on to FX3 Fury. Ultimately, leading to becoming an FX3 warrior.


Based on the book Faith Fire Fury, the FX3® Challenge is a three-phase transformational program (FX3 Faith, FX3 Fire, and FX3 Fury) and brotherhood developed for men ready to move from complacency to conquering alongside other brothers and the honor of becoming an FX3 Warrior. This transformational process continues with FX3 FireDiscover Your Purpose and True Identity in Christ. 

During the next few weeks, you will:

  • Discover and describe your identity in Christ.
  • Understand your purpose and how to live accordingly.
  • Identify how to rely on the Spirit to live victoriously. 
  • Ignite your spiritual life and influence those around you.

Let’s go, warrior. Let’s keep forging ahead!


After completing FX3 Fire, graduates then move onto the final phase, FX3. Fury. Ultimately, the FX3 Challenge will help you become the warrior, the man God wants you to be: living a radically fulfilling and successful life.

Course Content

Session 1: The World Needs The True You
Session 2: The True You
Session 3: The New You
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