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The last and final phase for becoming an FX3 Warrior and joining the brotherhood is FX3 Fury. FX3 Fury is a practical and tactical study on how to fight and live victoriously to become the man God wants you to be. In FX3 Fury, you continue your training to become FX3 Warrior alongside your fellow brothers.

When you complete the challenge, you join other distinguished men and the honor of serving together as FX3 Warriors. As part of the brotherhood, you continue to unpack and apply what it means to be an FX3 Warrior through a small group.

FX3 Warriors boldly and bravely follow Christ, live sacrificially, and show others how to do the same. FX3 Warriors embark on a life-long mission to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and disciplines to live victoriously according to biblical truth. Men also work beyond group meetings by volunteering in their local church and helping local organizations, communities, and similar outreaches.

These outreaches focus on living out the FX3 Virtue of the Month and what it means to be a godly man. Other events include organizing and participating in FX3 Retreats, Local Events, and the annual FX3 Summit. As a result, every FX3 Challenge graduate lives radically productive and fulfilling lives as the warriors God made them to be, and the honor of being an FX3 Warrior!


Based on the book Faith Fire Fury, the FX3® Challenge is a three-phase transformational program (FX3 Faith, FX3 Fire, and FX3 Fury) and brotherhood developed for men ready to move from complacency to conquering alongside other brothers and the honor of becoming an FX3 Warrior. Complete your transformational journey with FX3 FuryDevelop the Warrior Within To Live Victoriously. During the next few weeks, you will:

  • Learn about the spiritual armor and how to use it.
  • Unpack and live according to the FX3 Warrior Way.
  • Discover the strength and power that comes from the brotherhood.
  • Apply Faith, Fire, and Fury to live a victorious & fulfilling life!

Course Content

Session 1: The Armor
Session 2: The FX3 Brotherhood
Session 3: The FX3 Warrior Way
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